From 25K in Debt to Over 100K in Profit

How I Traveled the World Making 6 Figures...

... Through Airbnb and Zero Properties Owned


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Hi there,

Today you will witness history...

Making money has never been this EASY and my story will prove it to you.

My name is Michael Brown and in 2016 I was a broke, college dropout with $25,000 in debt.

I was lost... misguided... and had NO CLUE what to do with my life.


I met a couple of guys (through mutual friends) who’s lifestyle was all about traveling, having fun, and sharing their EPIC adventures on Social Media.

This inspired me to do the same... but more importantly become financially free, live anywhere in the world, and work less than 10 hours a week (on top of all the epic traveling adventures).

I know, BIG DREAM.

But it was this dream that pushed me to find a SOLUTION.

How BnbMastery Started...

And Just my luck, one of my friends at the time, who’s place I was crashing at, was moving out and let me have his apartment.

Problem was… I couldn’t afford to pay rent so I searched online for anyone who could help… and that’s when I found Airbnb (an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations).

What happened after that is HISTORY.

Because of renting that room, I found a way to make SO MUCH profit, that this extra cash-flow I used to travel the world for 1 year straight and have Airbnb pay for it 100%.

While traveling I made it my duty to meet multiple Airbnb hosts and learn the ins-and-outs of the platform, including how to rank high in apartment listings and improve business at an ELITE level.

Here’s the kicker...

After I came back home from the world tour, it was ALL-HANDS on deck (applied EVERYTHING I learned)…

I opened up 1, 2, 3 apartments, including 2 penthouses.

In 4 months, I made over $100,000 and hired my first apartment manager, while simultaneously expanding my business overseas.

With time, I realized that this DREAM had become a REALITY…

... and everything that I internalized over the past years, tweaking, dialing, and automating my Airbnb business has led me to create a COMPREHENSIVE, SIMPLE, and RESULTS-DRIVEN course.



The world’s first practical guide to achieving financial freedom using the sharing economy platform, Airbnb, and requires…

  • NO properties owned
  • NO real estate knowledge
  • NO Airbnb hosting experience
  • NO technical skills

All you need is a laptop and internet connection.

BnbMastery will teach you everything you’d ever want to know about making surplus cash from Airbnb, cracking the code in listing ratings to always appear in the front page, setting up your first non-owned property if you don’t own any, how to begin your automated apartment-rental EMPIRE across the world if you desire… and much more.

Heck, you can even start your Airbnb business in 1 MONTH or less.

"Working with Michael not only allowed me to expand my Airbnb business across other countries... but also gave me time freedom I was looking for to spend time with my children. "

- Phillip Gomez

So How Does BnbMastery work?

To understand how BnbMastery works… Let's first break down...

What Airbnb is...

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations.

Airbnb users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations in more than 192 countries worldwide.

A diminution of "air mattress B&B,” Airbnb has grown from appealing to couch-surfing budget-conscious tourists to business travelers seeking a more memorable experience that allows for a different level of collaboration amongst colleagues.

In 2015 Airbnb raised $1.5 billion in funds that brought the value of the company to about $25.5 billion and continues to grow.

“The sharing economy is estimated to grow from $14 billion in 2014 to $335 billion by 2025. This estimate is based on the rapid growth of Uber and Airbnb as indicative.” - Brookings

Imagine building PILES OF CASH on top of this already successful and world-recognized company, Airbnb?

  • Large customer database (CHECK)
  • Trusted Brand (CHECK)
  • User Experience Friendly (CHECK)
  • Successful Business Model (CHECK)
  • Unbeatable Pricing (CHECK)

There’s just no way to lose…

... and that’s where BnbMastery comes into PLAY…

How BnbMastery works...

We take a platform that has already proven to work flawlessly and we build on top a business that multiplies your success tenfold.

"At first I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into... but when Michael told me I could make steady income through Airbnb without owning properties... I dove right in and never looked back since then."

-Stacy Delaney

With BnbMastery you will…

  • Become part of the fastest and growing economy, leading up to $335 BILLION dollars to be made by 2025. Imagine taking a small PERCENTAGE of this piece?
  • Forget buying property – start making money TODAY and build your empire using OTHER people’s properties.
  • Learn how to start a business to produce financial, time, and location freedom.
  • Have the ability to travel the world and enjoy the remote lifestyle... without having to work a 9 to 5 ever again.
  • Get a straightforward breakdown, from A-Z, teaching you everything you need to know about Airbnb and how to maximize HEAVY profits.
  • Learn the hands-off approach to making multiple streams of income through ONE business.
  • Build an asset-machine that gives 10X the returns... while working less than 10 hours per week. 
  • Discover the shortcut to the REAL ESTATE business. What every successful Real Estate Agent won't tell you...
  • Unleash your entrepreneurial soul, once you begin your Airbnb business and start seeing results - there's no going back.
  • The list goes on

BnbMastery is what the NEW RICH would call the perfect system to start making money online, travel the world, and create multiple streams of income… on autopilot.

What BnbMastery IS NOT…

  • Get rich-quick scheme, as this involves a world-wide recognized platform, Airbnb.
  • Complicated processes getting your first listing up (everything inside BnbMastery is explained in meticulous detail)
  • Build-it-yourself business, get trained and mentored by someone who’s been doing this for a LIVING.
  • Barrage of headaches and frustration how to start - BnbMastery is simple, straightforward, and no BS.
  • Cheap that requires breakdowns - everything you'll learn inside BnbMastery is top-notch value and ready to be implemented on the spot.
  • A limited-time business opportunity. The sharing economy continues to grow tenfold every year and you'll now become part of it.
  • Regular 9-5 Job with miserable long hours, with BnbMastery you make the HOURS you want to work.
  • Location dependent business - take BnbMastery wherever and whenever.
  • For Real Estate savvy people only, with BnbMastery anyone can do this… and does not require any licenses or certificates to begin.

You are probably wondering, “Okay, I get it but if what If I’ve never used Airbnb before?"

If you’ve never used Airbnb before… 

Prepare to learn:

  • Fast and simple crash course on how Airbnb works and the benefits of the industry.
  • How to avoid the newbie mistakes every Airbnb Host makes that are costing you hundreds of dollars each year
  • The straight path to becoming a top 1% Airbnb earner worldwide.
  • How easily convert properties into positive cash-flow... including how to setup your first rental.
  • How to travel the world while managing your listings and making sure quality stays put.
  • How to generate passive income through apartment rentals.

If you’re already using Airbnb...

Prepare to learn:

  • How to triple the amount of income you are making in your current apartment listing
  • The hacks to be number one in apartment listings throughout the web
  • The perfect setup to have your room be booked every single DAY... if you wanted to.
  • How to go to the NEXT-LEVEL in Airbnb income and gain new properties without using your own resources.
  • The systems you need in place to automate your Airbnb business 100%
  • Tips to 10X your review ratings every time someone stays in your apartment.
  • A step-by-step guide to expanding your business abroad... even if you've never traveled outside of home.

In short, BnbMastery will guide you by the hand to SUCCESS, no matter what level of experience you have in Airbnb or if this is your first rodeo.

And let’s say you don’t care how you make money… but just love the automation lifestyle, make over 100K per year, travel the world, and become a location independent entrepreneur, then BnbMastery can help you with that too.

Here’s what you get INSIDE BnbMastery

Once you get on board with the BnbMastery Online Course you’ll get instant access to 7 different MODULES

Module 1: Meet Your Mentor

In this Module, you’ll meet your mentor and get an indepth look at the whole course


  • Your mentor’s background story
  • How BnbMastery Works
  • Why having Assets are crucial in the 21st century
  • What you can expect to learn inside BnbMastery
  • And much more...

Module 2: Finding Your Gold Market

You’ll get an inside scoop on how to do market research and what to look for in a property before you invest.


  • How to find property locations that SELL
  • How to dominate your competitors
  • How to figure out the “perfect” pricing for your listing
  • How to avoid investing in bad properties
  • Good/Bad Market Indicators every host should know
  • And much more...

Module 3: How to Close FREE Apartment Deals

The Do’s and Don'ts on how to approach and close deals with landlords.


  • Where to find landlords that want to do business
  • The psychology in closing deals
  • How to split the deals with landlords (where YOU gain handsome profit)
  • What to NEVER say to landlords when closing the deal
  • Strategies to minimize rejection in your deals
  • And much more...

Module 4: How to Setup Your Property RIGHT

You’ll start implementing what you’ve learned and start setting up your property for success.


  • How to be resourceful with every property you have
  • What it takes to automate your business
  • How to increase your property's value per booking
  • Learning the most profitable amenities you can own as a host that 10x your returns
  • And much more...

Module 5: Marketing Madness

Get your marketing toolkit and put your apartments up for grabs.


  • How to make your listings POP like a sore thumb in Airbnb listings
  • Learn other platforms, aside from Airbnb that make you crazy-income
  • How to make sure you apartments or rooms get booked repeatedly.
  • Discover proven marketing tactics to attract more guests 
  • And much more...

Module 6: Let the Automation BEGIN

In this module, you’ll begin automating your Airbnb business to create the time freedom you deserve.

This includes learning…

  • How to automate your business without  sacrificing quality
  • Where to get your outsourcing from 
  • How to manage your employees
  • Systems needed to make the automation rental easy
  • And much more...


In this module, we go back to the basics and you’ll now feel more comfortable expanding your business... including overseas.

So there you have it...

BnbMastery is designed to set you up for SUCCESS in the sharing economy BIZ…

There’s nothing like this in the market place which makes this course special and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become an entrepreneur with no barriers.

Let me emphasize that failure doesn't exist when you have a coach by your side - teaching you step by step how to turn Airbnb into multiple streams of income… while creating FREE time to do WHATEVER the hell you WANT.

The QUESTION now is HOW MUCH are you willing to invest into learning everything BnbMastery Promises?

I did my research… and asked successful real estate agents and people who were making a killing through Airbnb.

They said… $15,000 is LEGIT and that’s being “nice” about.

The reason for this average is for how handsomely the returns are once you set up business and because this course is as RARE as it gets.

In addition, the course technically pays for ITSELF if you do everything BnbMastery teaches you.

So let’s go back to you again, what do you think?...

 … what’s it worth to you?

What’s it’s worth to you to FINALLY grasp FREEDOM by the throat and wake up every morning to do what inspires you?

What’s it worth to you to get a chance to TRAVEL world, embrace new experiences, and not have to end your vacations because work only allows 2-weeks tops?

What’s it worth it to you to gain a flexible LIFESTYLE and spend time with the people you love?

What’s it worth it to you to find another extra INCOME source and help retire anyone you have in mind (wife, siblings, parents, yourself, you name it).

Would you be okay paying $15,000 for a life-changing course like this?

You should be.

Because I will prove to you that this course will pay for itself 500%, as long as you apply what’s inside the course.

Here's again all the value that you get inside BnbMastery...


BnbMastery Online Course ($15,000) 

"15 Most profitable cities to start an Airbnb business" PDF ($697)

Facebook Mastermind Group ($297)

Private Whatsapp Mastermind Group ($397)

Exclusive: BnbMastery TV Year Access ($597)



Total Value: $17,985


BUT for a limited-time ONLY you will NOT pay $17,985.

You will NOT pay $15,000. 

... not $10,000

... not $5,000

... and not EVEN $3,000

INSTEAD, I’m offering 3 different packages to fit your personal needs and it won't cost you an ARM and a LEG.

There is no catch, simply put, this product is very rare and my TEAM thought it would be "cool" to test the market.

So make moves now before I change my mind.

Grab them while the prices are still intact!

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BnbMastery Online Course

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BnbMastery Online Course

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BnbMastery is for you if…

  • You are sick and tired of your dead-end 9 to 5 job
  • Want to become an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start
  • Are seeking the automation lifestyle to be 100% control of your time
  • You are looking for that TIME freedom to do what you LOVE
  • Want to take mega-vacations with no return date… you make the rules
  • You think you are missing out on life and are looking for a new opportunity
  • Want to disrupt your repetitive and boring lifestyle routine
  • Never traveled the world because you thought it was "expensive"
  • Want to pursue your passions and need a solid income source
  • Want a hands-off business to spend time with your loved ones.
  • Live the digital nomad experience… if you wanted to.
  • Never again have to look at your bank account to see if you can afford things.
  • Want to enjoy life with no restrictions and limitations due to money.
  • You are looking to create multiple income streams from ONE business.
  • Take your Airbnb business and income to the NEXT-LEVEL
  • Have no college degree but are looking to make over 6 figures
  • And much more

You have the option right now to finally commit to TIME freedom, location INDEPENDENCE, and PLENTY of cash to make all-year round…

Or you can continue to think about it until you think “it feels” right.

Every minute that passes by is another moment you could be living the dream lifestyle you envision for yourself without having to work more than 10 hours a week, if you choose to.

What to do with all that extra time?


And that’s the beauty of BnbMastery as it will open up NEW doors for you that you once thought was impossible to achieve.

The more time freedom you have… your worldview is going to be DIFFERENT.

Where do you see yourself 10, 5, years from now?

Most people don’t even know!

Don’t be the majority....

Why go back to the dreaded 9 to 5 job when you can now be on your own, setup your time for work, wake up whenever, travel anywhere, and make a healthy living... LIVING (not a typo).

Don’t go through the frustration of trying to “figure” this out on your own when there is already a seal-proof system to making piles of cash through Aribnb using other people's properties.

If you already make "comfortable" income through Airbnb, DON'T QUIT… there is now A BETTER WAY.

If you are tired of the old same daily routine, get on this new experience immediately.

Stop working for someone else and start building your own dreams.

Hate not seeing your family because of work?

This will help.

Tired of not having enough time for FUN?

This will help

Stressed out because you can't pay the bills?

This will help

Here’s a test of how much freedom you posses right now.

If you could take a vacation off anytime of the month… including now, is this possible?

Can you simply stop working altogether?… and still create income for yourself, perhaps even more than when you are at work.

If you answered "NO".

BnbMastery wants to help you turn that "NO" into a "YES"

Make money while you sleep, less stress, more time, and travel more.. 

Don't miss out on an opportunity of  LIFETIME as there is no guarantee that the prices will remain like this.

This is your moment.

To lock in your BnbMastery online course, simply scroll below, and pick your favorite package out of the three.

I leave the rest up to you - don't miss out...


Standard Package


One Time Fee

Six Month Access

BnbMastery Online Course

Lifetime Access

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Advanced Package


One Time Fee

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BnbMastery Online Course

"15 Most profitable cities to start an Airbnb business" PDF

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Elite Package


One Time Fee, then $168 monthly

Lifetime Access

BnbMastery Online Course

"15 Most profitable cities to start an Airbnb business" PDF

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BnbMastery TV Year Pass



- When can I expect to see results?

Results vary depending how BAD you want this for yourself. You can either start making income within your first 1-2 months OR dabble around, which will ultimately take much longer...

- What's the guarantee?

Because I know how valuable this course is, you get a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. I’m aware this is not for everyone and those who see the value in this course will end up making 500X this course’s worth.

The only downside is figuring out what to do with all your free time once you setup your automated Airbnb business.


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